This blog will be a two-function blog.  One part will be Trading On Up, the other will be Steve’s Corner.

Steve’s Corner will be a place for me to share ideas with the world – ideas that are thought-provoking in one way or another.  Trading On Up is about a journey and an experiment: I’ll be seeing if I can trade my way up from two smaller items to a house and my dream car.  For more info check the links above.

If you click the link above that says Blog you’ll see everything I’ve posted, in the order it’s been posted (starting with the most recent).


4 responses to “Home

  1. Very cool Steve! I can’t wait to see what happens. Good luck on your trading journey!

    • Thanks Kristin! It took that kid 2 years to get from a cell phone to a Porsche (and the Porsche was only worth $10k), so I figure this will probably take me more like 10 years … but it ought to be a very fun journey!

      Please subscribe to the blog, as I’m probably going to need help with some of the future trades. If not help deciding, then help knowing what to look for. For example, I know nothing about motorcycles, so if one day someone offers me one hopefully someone can tell me what I need to look out for to make sure I’m not getting stuck with a bad deal.

  2. Good Luck
    I seen your post on Craig’s List and had to check it out
    This is way kool I wish you the best,
    when your ready for the motorcycle
    let me know maybe I can help you out 🙂
    we always have one or two for sale or trade

    • Thanks Portia 🙂 I’ll definitely get back to you on that. If all goes well this weekend I may already have a trade for a boat. Hopefully it’ll stop raining by this evening so I can go see what condition it’s in.

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