Goal #2, Trade #1

Here we go. My car stereo amplifier, a retail value of $120. (Click on the pics below to see them larger.) The Craigslist listing can be found here.

This is a new in the box car stereo amplifier with a retail value of $120. It’s an MTX 6001.  I believe it is a factory remanufactured unit, as there is a small scratch on the cover that you can see through the plastic.  You probably won’t even see it if you’re not looking for it though.  I bought this a while back and planned to put it in my truck but I’ve got other things to worry about right now, so I’m willing to part with the amp.

UPDATE: Trade 1 complete!

In exchange for the amplifier I received a really nice Takamine acoustic guitar (pictured above). The trade was actually completed a few months ago but I didn’t update the blog right away because I thought it would be fun to record a few songs with the guitar before I offer it up for trade.  So far I’ve done one recording, an experimental track which I’ll post on its own page so I can share some details on it for those who are interested (posted it here).  I have plans to collaborate on some stuff in the next month or two, I’ll post that material when it’s done.


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