Eternity and Infinity Are Not the Same Thing

If I’m going to do this Steve’s Corner thing I might as well add this clip.  I made this a few years ago to help explain one of the insights I’d gained from an interview with Joseph Campbell.  The clip of him at the very end is from a 6-part series of interviews called The Power of Myth.  It was broadcast on PBS back in the 1990s.

Unfortunately he’s passed away now, and also unfortunately The Joseph Campbell Foundation people are REALLY bad about pulling down any and all clips of the interviews they find online – which is a complete shame because Mr. Campbell must’ve been one of the smartest people on the planet, and sharing his knowledge with anyone and everyone can only (in my opinion) help increase demand in the marketplace for his works.  Oh well.  I guess they had to leave this clip up because it clearly falls under Fair Use.  And I’m glad for that, because it’s a very insightful piece of knowledge.  Enjoy:


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