Society and Respect

It’s said that (politically speaking) if you go too far to the left or too far to the right you kind of come to a very similar type of personality … I always wondered why this is, and how to adequately describe how/why this happens.  Last week I recorded a short video to give a visual representation of an idea I had that I think explains it very well:


2 responses to “Society and Respect

  1. In regards to your stance on respect being a basis of where along the “line” one falls, I seem to think respect should be an inherent and at the same time a cognitive trait. Ones belief system is formed partially due to their initial “placement” in the system but that same “placement” does not completely form ones beliefs. If you look at anything as a stagnant graph which one cannot go but two relative points, no matter how many different points of contact that may be, they are still formed based on the two initial points. I guess my basis for this comes from a point of divide and conquer by Sun Tzu. You should look at those points as a relative position that a system may want you to take. And even take it a step further, what if your point of view does not fall between those four axis? Ones interpritation of their own views should not be based upon where along the already formulated “line” puts them, but maybe from the outside view of the person holding the coin?

    • I never said these were the only two axis/variables that make up an individual’s belief system … just saying that these are two of them, and that I think this explains why the far left and the far right are very much alike in some ways. I’m a very visual person and I really enjoyed the dynamic of turning the line into a second dimension and finding a circle (it could just as easily be a square or triangle). It’s meant to be food for thought… a beginning, not an ending. You can add more to what I’ve said by adding other variables.

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