How about a new national holiday?

I’ve avoided the whole Chic-fil-a thing, and thought I was going to be able to avoid it completely.  But I saw this and had to share.  Regardless of your views on gay marriage, individual rights, corporatism, etc., bottom line is: I sure would like to see that many people all over the USA mobilize to do charity work.  If we had one national holiday to do charity work … just think about it.  It would be like the 4th of July except you actually get to help your fellow man.  (EDIT: I added some more notes below the picture.)

I posted a link to this page on a forum I’m a member of and the discussion turned immediately to the topic of gay marriage.  I’d like to point out that’s actually NOT the concept I want to talk about here.  Here was my reply:

lol … ACTUALLY … the thought that I wanted to discuss is what’s mentioned in the thread title. I personally DON’T want to talk about the marriage issue or Chick-fil-a. All I wanted to say is … isn’t it amazing how many people turned out for this day. I don’t have official numbers but judging by the lines I saw at the two places I live near … if it was like that all over the US there were easily tens of thousands of people being active across the US for this. Part of the whole liberal/conservative debate is about how liberals will say we don’t do enough to help our fellow man and we need government to step in and mandate it, and conservatives say no, we can do this of our own free will … but then a day like that happens that shows us how many people really can show up – and when compared to any other charity event … every other charity event looks like few toddlers in a sandbox.

So here’s my suggestion … which I know will be seen by many as liberal because it involves the government in our lives … but here’s my idea: Have a national holiday for charity. One day a year everyone gets to take the day off and go donate their time to a charity, and for every hour donated they get to take a certain percentage off their income tax at the end of that year.

If you think a lot of people turned out to support Chic-fil-a this week, just imagine how many people would turn out for that, and imagine how much good we could do to improve our country.


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