Buyer Beware: AEON Imports

A few years ago I had a business selling RAM for computers on eBay.  I had to close it due to sellers from Hong Kong who came into the market selling RAM cheaper than I could buy it for here in the US.  Anyway, part of my business’ success was built on excellent customer service.  As anyone who’s purchased an item on eBay can tell you, there are a lot of shady sellers out there who will rip you off any way they can.  I wrote a guide to teach people some of the scams out there.  I only wrote three guides but they’re considered so helpful even though I closed the business years ago I’m in the top 250 guide authors (out of 22,814).  (Yes, technically five are listed, but two are duplicates I had to make because they only allow a few keywords to be tagged per guide, and one of my guides on RAM applies to multiple keywords.)  Well, it looks like I have one more story that I can add.

Back in 2009 I bought a replacement radiator for my Ford Ranger.  A few months ago my mechanic pointed out that part of the plastic around it had cracked and it was leaking.  It wasn’t in immediate need of repair and I remembered that I’d bought one with a lifetime warranty, so I looked up my purchase info and filed a claim with the seller, AEON Imports.

They sent me a claim form to fill out, and of the items they asked for were (a) a receipt showing that I’d paid a mechanic to install the radiator, and (b) a receipt for the coolant I’d put in the radiator.  I laughed it off because the radiator’s held in by 2 screws – and who saves receipts for coolant?  I mean, I save all the receipts for work done on my truck, but not for consumables like wiper fluid, oil, coolant, or gas.

So I filed my claim and submitted it on 10/13/12.  Two weeks later, on 10/25/12, I realized hadn’t gotten a response from AEON Imports.  Already I knew this was a bad sign.  Part of what made me a great seller was that I responded quickly to ALL emails, and I never took longer than 3 days to respond to an email.  (And even that was rare.  Usually it was within 12 hours.)  So I emailed them and they gave me the standard runaround that their insurance company hadn’t responded to the claim yet:

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.  We are still working on getting your warranty approved.  The manufacturer so far has not approved the warranty due to lacking coolant information and the item was not professional installed.  We are negotiating with them to approve the warranty.  Thank you for your patience in this matter.

At this point a friend came into town and we spent the next two weeks doing tourist stuff, and I forgot all about the claim.  Almost a month after my last email to them (and almost 7 weeks after filing my claim) I was at my mechanic’s shop for some other work.  He asked about the radiator and I told him the runaround I’d gotten.  By this time I was pretty certain that AEON Imports was going to screw me on the lifetime warranty.  eBay only allows for 45 days of buyer protection so they had no reason to honor their promise.

Well it turns out I’d forgotten something.  My mechanic said, “But wait a minute, I thought we installed that radiator?”  Then I remembered the whole story.  In 2007 I’d bought a radiator ad replaced it myself.  Two years later in 2009 that radiator failed and I had to buy yet another.  By then I’d seen this video about a 90 year old woman with a 45 year old car in great shape.  She always bought parts with lifetime warranties, and I thought that was a great idea.  So this time I picked one from AEON Imports (because of the warranty).  But this time I left it with my mechanic to install because I was going on a trip.  So I replaced the first one, then he replaced the second.

“Awesome!” I thought.  “Maybe this’ll work out after all.”  After I got home I went to my folder and found the original mechanic receipt.  It was right next to my receipt for the radiator but I hadn’t even bothered to look at it because I’d thought I’d installed that one.  I scanned it and emailed it to AEON with an explanation.

A week turned into two weeks, and no response.  Now I knew for certain AEON Imports was going to screw me.  I sent one last email on 12/17/12 asking if they were going to honor the lifetime warranty or not.  They replied 3 days later – (oh, you can reply quicker now!) – to say that the manufacturer wasn’t going to honor my claim because they were skeptical about it:

Thank you for contacting us.  We apologize for the delay and inconvenience.  The warranty is not warranted by us, but by the manufacturer.  They are currently not approving the warranty due to the fact that the first claim had stated that the item was not professionally installed.  The 2nd claim stated the item was indeed professionally installed.  We are trying to get the manufacturer to approve the claim; however, they are denying the claim due to the inconsistency and are skeptical.

I don’t particularly enjoy the thought of posting negative things on my blog – I want this to be a place where good things are shared – but maybe someone else will learn from my experiences.  And honestly, it wouldn’t be any skin off my nose if someone reading this decides not to buy from AEON Imports after reading this.

As I said at the start, I made my eBay business stand out by giving good customer service.  I dealt with thousands of returns and exchanges … and although there were some shady customers who tried to pull one over on me I can count them on one hand.  Most people had ordered the wrong thing or the item I sent them really was defective (that happens sometimes).  A good seller doesn’t blame the customer or hide behind lame policies.

Denying my claim because they think I didn’t pay for it to be “professionally installed” is baloney.  I could see if it was some major component like a transmission, or if I was trying to claim that their faulty radiator destroyed my engine, but such is not the case.


17 responses to “Buyer Beware: AEON Imports

  1. I purchased a radiator from Aeon Imports as well. I bought it in January and in July it was leaking from the top. I too sent all the required information on that form they sent and I too do not keep receipts for radiator fluid. Much less for a lifetime in case something goes wrong. I have not been getting a response from them via email or phone. It said no where on the radiator that we received that it “had to be installed by a radiator specialist” in order for them the honor the warranty. This is a huge scam and Aeon Imports could do the right thing by their customers, but choose not too. I am not giving up, but was glad to read that I was not alone in their horrible customer service.

  2. Wow and here I was about to purchase a new radiator from them for $50 for my 2002 Nissan Altima. I knew it was to good to be true! Thanks for sharing! I just avoided a lot of hassle!

  3. A friend of mine sent me a link for a radiator that my friend is in desparate need of so he can drive to his job sites. It was from this company. It said to contact the seller for shipping information so I decided to search them and found your post. I would not recommend them after reading this. Thanks

  4. Total scam from Aeon imports. They won’t tell you what you need to keep your warranty from being void until after you purchase the item. Even if you have all the items they require they will still waste your time and money and deny you. Reminds me of the movie “tommy boy” take a crap in a box and put a warranty on that crap

  5. Aeon imports is a trashy radiator and auto parts supplier. They want the win/win on it sucks they ask for coolant receipts. Cheap stuff.

  6. I just went through the EXACT same thing with this idiotic “company” . If I could shout from the rooftops to the world to stay away from these scammers, I would. Same runaround with the warranty form and all. Said they emailed it to me but by some mysterious reason I was not getting the attachment. Even tried to get one mailed to me. Finally got one faxed. Then I read it! Coolant receipt? Come on!!! And yes, my radiator was only held in by 2 screws too. I don’t think I need a specialist to install it. My God people, Honor your warranty! Buyer beware. Cheaper is not always better.

    • You know, this is the most visited page on my blog. It’s amazing how many people must be researching this vendor. Hopefully it’ll help some people. Like I’ve said above, I’m not necessarily saying not to buy from them, just saying beware – you have to have the item installed by a mechanic and have receipts for that and your coolant. Clearly it’s insane to anyone halfway mechanically inclined, but I’m sure some non-mechanically inclined people would be fine with it. More power to ’em. I just don’t want anyone else to get ripped off from having different expectations of this seller and their ‘lifetime warranty’.

  7. How funny that I came across your blog while looking up warranty for Aeon Imports. I too bought a radiator in 2009 and it is now leaking antifreeze from the edges. They emailed me the warranty form yesterday, but I’m better off just buying a new one. I already know they will deny the claim because I installed it myself. I work on all my vehicles. With that said I will not be buying from them again. Why waste my time.

  8. They are a terrible company I too purchased a radiator from them earlier this year. I had it professionally installed and it leaked coolant into the transmission. Mechanic had to remove the radiator and replace it I contacted Aeon Imports and they sent me the warranty form. I provided the information they requested even advised them to contact the repair shop. They denied the claim did not honor the warranty, very shady business I would never purchase ANYTHING from them.

  9. Wow.. just came across this blog… I had the same story about leaking radiator and denied lifetime warranty.. I just went ahead and reported it to BBB, so lets see what happens.

  10. madder than a wet hen

    I purchased a radiator from Aeon Imports through eBay. It took me a while to determine it was their radiator that was defective, but coolant was leaking out and around the cap (the neck diameter was too small and wouldn’t hold the cap tight. I tried many caps; stants and Motorcraft. When I contacted Aeon they just gave me the runaround. asking me to try this and that and provide this and that. I have been “communicating” with them about this problem for 6 weeks and still nothing. When I google them I find they are bad. If you are reading this before your purchase – DONT, if you have already purchased and are having problems, I am sorry to say you are screwed!


  11. I bought a Radiator for my Nissan quest 2004, after two days of installing the radiator, it bust. I bought a Radiator for my Nissan quest 2004, after two days of installing the radiator, it bust. after several emails, with attached photos of the of the problem, then refused to refund nor provide another radiator. They claimed that the cap of the radiator is leaking and with another email, they indicate their radiator is impossible to burst. Simply they kept coming back with excuses to avoid the refund. The Radiator was made from poor plastic material and it was easy to burst.

  12. I may be the only guy so far that had purchased a radiator for my 95 Toyota privea from AEOM Imports not to complain.
    It cost me only $60 (incl tax & shipping to Nor CA) as I shopped for the cheapest and I installed it myself (of course). That was in July 2013 and the thing is still running strong, not leaking, bursting, et. al.
    Based upon the other posts, in the event it fails, for $60, it can be considered a consumable (even though the lifetime guarantee is bogus).
    I don’t like deceptive advertising and since it is working properly, I am not irritated about the denials, but my expectation is now set at zero, so my story would be different if I was in any of the above victim’s shoes, I suppose.

  13. I just bought a radiator from aeon imports and the radiator was damaged and out of shape and leaking everywhere. They made me pull it to send pictures so I did, and in the process dumped new coolant and bought another round of bmw brand coolant $$$. Sent pictures. And epoxied it to limp back and forth from work will the settled it. They said the pictures weren’t good enough and to do it again. I started a dispute in ebay, for the cost of labor and coolant It would have been cheaper to pay Donald Trump to put in a golden, diamond encrusted raidiator hand made by the Dali Lama.

  14. @snon, if the part was damaged, why would you install it? You could;ve just saved yourself the time and money by reporting that to them first.

    I can see why other people would be frustrated by some of the situations that they have experienced, but i just wanted to say that this site scared me and I had a different experience. I bought with Aeon Imports because of their customer service rating and their low price. I was surprised that I got it so fast. I had it for 3 years and it sprung a small leak. I did have to fill out some information and provide pictures, but I didn’t seem to have any problems and got a new radiator within a week. I saw this site when I was looking up information to locate their store and certainly got a little worried. But I didn’t seem to have any of the problems that most of you had and found everything to be pretty reasonable.

  15. Michael Cowles

    Thanks a lot for you information. I was looking for a simple cabin and engine air filter for my Toyota. I found these with the AEON imports. While these are a small and rather inexpensive item, I will not purchase them from AEON. I appreciate these reviews and look them up before purchasing an item with an unknown. While you received a bad experience from this company… it should give you some satisfaction that I won’t go through this and experience the same. I will spend my money elsewhere -and it’s their loss Thanks again.

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