Trading On Up

Last year I read a story about Steven Ortiz, a 17 year-old in California who started with a cell phone and traded his way up to a Porsche (you can read the article here).  Pretty amazing stuff.  One of the things that I liked about his story was that he traded for things that weren’t just useful, but also fun.  For example, for years I’ve wanted to get a motorcycle and get a motorcycle license. So I could definitely see myself enjoying that.  But like young Mr. Ortiz, I can also understand the idea of, “Why stop there?”

Today I find myself with two items I’m willing to part with: a mountain bike and a car stereo amplifier.  Since I have two items I think it’s fitting that I wind up with two items, and there’s no reason I shouldn’t shoot for my dreams … so I’m going to go big: I’d like to trade my way up to a house and a car.  Granted, I don’t expect a mansion.  But my dream car is going to be really hard to get, probably harder than the house. Why? Because my dream car is a 1970 AAR Hemi ‘Cuda.  I’m not sure if Chrysler is planning to release a new version of the ‘Cuda (as they have with the Challenger and Charger), but if they do I think I’d be happy as a clam to have one of those as an alternate choice.

To make things interesting I’ve decided to create a blog to keep a record of the experience, and I’m asking my readers to help me. Each time I post a trade on craigslist I’ll create a new page on this blog and I’ll post a list of the offers I’ve received.  If you subscribe to this blog (put your email address in the box to the upper right of this page and click Sign Me Up) you’ll get an email telling you when I post a new trade.  Then you can come back here and vote on which offer you think is the best.

This blog will allow me to keep track of how many trades it takes to reach my goal, reader participation will help me make the best trades possible … and who knows, maybe someone will read this and contact me to make a trade.

To keep things neat and tidy I’ll gather all my blog posts into these two pages:

Goal #1
Goal #2

One starts with the mountain bike, the other starts with the car stereo amplifier. Click the link to see the progress on either one, and when I’ve reached either goal I’ll mark one of them “completed”.  Wish me luck!


One response to “Trading On Up

  1. Steve, I’m really impressed with your ideas and writing. Hopefully I can start a blog over the new few months.
    Chrysler is rumored to bringing the ‘Cuda back:

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